1. Call to Order by Chair

    Ms. Naomi Kelly called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.

  2. Roll Call

    Naomi Kelly, City Administrator, Chair
    Linda Gerull, Chief Information Officer, Department of Technology
    Kelly Kirkpatrick, Budget Director, Mayor’s Office
    Norman Yee, President, Board of Supervisors
    Ben Rosenfield, Controller
    Micki Callahan, Director, Department of Human Resources
    Dr. Grant Colfax, Director, Department of Public Health
    Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., Director, Public Utilities Commission
    Michael Lambert, City Librarian, Public Library
    Mary Ellen Carroll, Director, Department of Emergency Management
    Ivar Satero, Director, San Francisco International Airport
    Jeffrey Tumlin, Director, Municipal Transportation Agency
    Trent Rhorer, Executive Director, Human Services Agency
    Charles Belle, Public Member
    Nnena Ukuku, Public Member

    Naomi Kelly

    Linda Gerull

    Anna Duning (for Kelly Kirkpatrick)

    Jack Wood (for Ben Rosenfield)

    Erica Maybaum (for Norman Yee)

    Ken Salmon (for Harlan Kelly)

    Rob Eickwort (for Trent Rhorer)

    Ian Law (for Ivar Satero)

    Lisa Walton (for Tom Maguire)

    Charles Belle

    Eric Raffin (for Dr. Grant Colfax)

    Nnena Ukuku

    Will Lee (for Mary Ellen Carroll)

    Ian Hart (for Micki Callahan)

    Michael Lambert

  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes from October 17, 2019 (Action Item)

    The minutes of October 17, 2019 were approved without changes.

  4. Chair Update

    Ms. Naomi Kelly provided an update on her presentation to the Board of Supervisors on legislation for the Office of Emerging Technology. Ms. Kelly provided the Board with recommendations from the working group led by COIT staff on how to regulate the permitting process for new technologies in the public sector. The recommendations reflected feedback from the 200 people from all industries who actively participated in the working group.


    Ms. Kelly also provided an update on the response to the Acquisition of Surveillance Technology Ordinance. COIT has collected a department inventory of all surveillance technologies and created the Privacy & Surveillance Advisory Board (PSAB) to advise COIT on surveillance technology materials. The PSAB will meet on the second and fourth Friday of every month in City Hall Room 408. Recruitment for the City’s Chief Privacy Officer has begun.


    Mr. Matthias Jaime provided an update on the City’s Digital Equity Strategic Plan. The plan contains strategy for the City’s efforts to close the digital divide and methods for measuring progress

  5. CIO Update

    Ms. Linda Gerull provided updates on some ongoing and completed Department of Technology projects.


    The Department of Technology is collaborating with the Contract Monitoring Division on incorporating more Local Business Enterprises into contracting.


    The Department is working on a Digital Cities Initiative to leverage existing networks in the city, including through cooperation with private partners.


    The Department provided Kincade Fire refugees with internet access at the St. Mary’s Church shelter through a collaboration with Department of Emergency Management, Monkeybrains, and AT&T. The Department plans to partner with the Department of Emergency Management to equip the five most used shelters with high-speed internet connection.


    The Department is supporting the Department of Elections’ open source voting project. The open source project is being piloted and tested, and the Department is working on developing a product that would allow an audit of the vote.

  6. Discussion: Digital Services Strategy Update

    Ms. Carrie Bishop provided an update on the work of the Digital Services team, including work on building a new city website and making permitting transactions available online.


    The new sf.gov website has launched. The website is designed around the principles of accessibility and highlights city services for residents. The team spoke to more than 300 residents in the process of understanding resident priorities for using the website.


    The team is also currently piloting developing an online permitting process with the Accessible Dwelling Units (ADU) permit application.

  7. Policy Update: Citywide Cybersecurity Policy (Action Item)

    Mr. Matthias Jaime provided an overview of the updates made to the Cybersecurity Policy. The policy was originally approved in November 2016, and last updated in June 2018. Revisions since then focus on refining the title and roll for the Department Information Security Officers (DISOs), updating requirement timelines, and including Emergency Support Unified Cyber Command.


    After member discussion, the revisions to the policy were unanimously approved.

  8. Policy Update: Cybersecurity Awareness & Training Standard (Action Item)

    Mr. Jaime provided an overview of the updates made to the Cybersecurity Awareness & Training Standard. This is an implementing standard for city employees who are users of critical systems to be trained in cybersecurity. The policy was revised to include the role of the Department of Human Resources.


    The revisions to the policy were unanimously approved.

  9. Public Comment

    No public comment.

  10. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned at 11:07 am.

Sunshine Ordinance

San Francisco Administrative Code §67.9(a)   Agendas of meetings and any other documents on file with the clerk of the policy body, when intended for distribution to all, or a majority of all, of the members of a policy body in connection with a matter anticipated for discussion or consideration at a public meeting shall be made available to the public. To the extent possible, such documents shall also be made available through the policy body's Internet site. However, this disclosure need not include any material exempt from public disclosure under this ordinance.