Buying Technology

  • Cloud Computing Policy

    The City & County of San Francisco's use of Cloud Computing services must adequately address relevant statutory and policy requirements.

  • Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Requirements - Personal Computers & Servers

    The purpose of this policy is to adopt environmental requirements for the procurement of personal computers, servers, and desktop laser printers.

  • Green Policy

    The purpose of the this policy is to establish the green information technology procurement vision and goals that are applicable to all City and County of San Francisco departments.

  • Software Evaluation Policy

    The COIT Software Evaluation Policy will require a standard, rigorous evaluation of the operational benefits and total cost of ownership of new software.

Managing Data

  • Data Classification Standard

    The Data Classification Standard requires departments to categorize and label or mark data per classification levels and review classification of data on a regular basis.

  • Metadata Standard

    The Metadata Standard helps users search, find and understand published data.

Risk Management

Technology Infrastructure

  • Email Policy

    Thus this policy is established to outline the standards for use and management of email systems in the City and County San Francisco.

  • Service Set Identifier (SSID) Standard

    All City-owned and operated public wireless networks located in the City and County of San Francisco must use the City SSID standard.

Using Technology

  • Acceptable Use Policy

    Outline of the acceptable use of all City-owned or leased computer equipment. Inappropriate use of equipment exposes the City to risks including virus attacks, compromise of network systems and services, breach of confidentiality, and legal liability.

  • Citywide Employee Drone Policy

    The City's Drone Policy authorizes select departments to use unmanned aerial systems, also known as drones. Departments are required to follow a variety of protections that emphasize public safety and the privacy of San Francisco residents.

  • Software License Compliance Policy

    The purpose of the Software License Compliance Policy is to establish the policy for software licenses compliance and tracking.

  • Technology Project Management Policy

    This policy establishes the technology project management policy standard for the City and County San Francisco.