Strategic Goals

The City's vision to achieve excellent city services is supported by three strategic goals that structure our work.

Support, maintain, and secure critical infrastructure

The City’s technology infrastructure is the basic set of systems that support our operations and requires continual investment to ensure mission critical systems are available at all times.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of city operations

Projects that support this goal should lower costs, save time, and improve the delivery of City services. 

Increase access and transparency to local government

The City highly prioritizes projects that make government services more inclusive and accessible, such as providing services and information online. 

10 Existing Initiatives and 2 New Initiatives

Citywide Initiatives

The City invests in technology that align with three strategic goals. This section highlights initiatives under each goal.

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152 New Projects over the next 5 years

Forecasting and Recommendations

The current FY 2018-22 Technology Plan describes our fiscal strategies and recommendations to fund current and upcoming projects over the next 5 years.

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