1. Call to Order by Chair

    Mr. Ken Bukowski called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.

  2. Roll Call

    Naomi Kelly, City Administrator, Chair

    Linda Gerull, Chief Information Officer, Department of Technology

    Kelly Kirkpatrick, Budget Director, Mayor’s Office

    Norman Yee, President, Board of Supervisors

    Ben Rosenfield, Controller

    Micki Callahan, Director, Department of Human Resources

    Dr. Grant Colfax, Director, Department of Public Health

    Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., Director, Public Utilities Commission

    Michael Lambert, City Librarian, Public Library

    Mary Ellen Carroll, Director, Department of Emergency Management

    Ivar Satero, Director, San Francisco International Airport

    Tom Maguire, Director, Municipal Transportation Agency

    Trent Rhorer, Executive Director, Human Services Agency

    Charles Belle, Public Member

    Nnena Ukuku, Public Member

    Ken Bukowski (for Naomi Kelly)

    Michael Makstman (for Linda Gerull)

    Anna Duning (for Kelly Kirkpatrick)

    Todd Rydstrom (for Ben Rosenfield)

    Crystal Chang (for Trent Rhorer)

    Angela Cavillo (for Norman Yee)

    Ian Law (for Ivar Satero)

    Lisa Walton (for Tom Maguire)

    Mitch Sutton (for Mary Ellen Carroll)

    Eric Raffin (for Dr. Grant Colfax)

    Nnena Ukuku

    Ian Hart (for Micki Callahan)

    Ken Salmon (for Harlan Kelly)

    Maureen Singleton (for Michael Lambert)

  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes from September 19, 2019 (Action Item)

    The minutes of September 19, 2019 were approved without changes.

  4. Chair Update

    Mr. Ken Bukowski introduced new COIT staff member Emma Fernandez.

  5. CIO Update

    No updates.

  6. Discussion: Overview of COIT Budget Process & Criteria

    Mr. Matthias Jaime presented COIT’s timeline and evaluation criteria for reviewing technology project requests over $100,000.

  7. Citywide Cybersecurity: Program Update

    Mr. Michael Makstman presented on the development of the city’s cybersecurity program, including governance, people, procurement and investment, services and tools, and unified cyber command.

    Mr. Bijan Karimi provided an update on the collaboration between the Department of Technology and the Department of Emergency Management for a unified cyber emergency response plan.

  8. Policy Update: Citywide Cybersecurity Policy (Action Item)

    Mr. Jaime presented recommended modifications to the Citywide Cybersecurity Policy as a matter of regular policy review.

    Member discussion followed and it was determined that members will review and provide feedback before bringing a vote on modifications at the next meeting.

  9. Policy Update: Cybersecurity Training & Awareness Standard (Action Item)

    Mr. Jaime presented recommended modifications to the Cybersecurity Training & Awareness Standard to create a partnership with the Department of Human Resources. He proposed bringing a vote on modifications at the next meeting after working with the Department of Human Resources on implementation of the changes.

    Member discussion followed and it was determined that an action item will be brought to the next meeting.

  10. Public Comment

    No public comment.

  11. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned at 11:02 am.

Sunshine Ordinance

San Francisco Administrative Code §67.9(a)   Agendas of meetings and any other documents on file with the clerk of the policy body, when intended for distribution to all, or a majority of all, of the members of a policy body in connection with a matter anticipated for discussion or consideration at a public meeting shall be made available to the public. To the extent possible, such documents shall also be made available through the policy body's Internet site. However, this disclosure need not include any material exempt from public disclosure under this ordinance.