1. Call to Order by Chair

    Mr. Ken Bukowski called the meeting to order at 10:03 am.

  2. Roll Call

    Ken Bukowski – Chair, Deputy City Administrator/CFO, City Administrator’s Office
    Carrie Bishop – Chief Digital Services Officer, City Administrator’s Office
    Ian Law – CIO, Airport
    Rachel Cukierman – Deputy Director of Administration and Finance, Assessor-Recorder
    Heather Green – Director, Capital Planning
    Alaric Degrafinried – Purchaser and Director, Contract Administration
    Todd Rydstrom – Deputy Controller, Controller’s Office
    Anna Duning – Analyst, Mayor’s Office
    Michael Liang –CIO, Public Library
    Julia Dawson – Deputy Director, Public Works
    Crispin Hollings – Chief Financial Officer, Sheriff’s Department
    Tajel Shah – Chief Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer-Tax Collector
    Nina D’Amato – Chief of Staff, Department of Technology
    Matthias Jaime – Director, Committee on Information Technology

    Ken Bukowski
    Carrie Bishop
    Ian Law
    Rachel Cukierman
    Heather Green
    Alaric Degrafinried
    Todd Rydstrom
    Anna Duning
    Julia Dawson
    Crispin Hollings
    Tajel Shah
    Nina D’Amato
    Matthias Jaime

    COIT Staff
    Lily Liang

    Rob Smuts
    Mike Dougherty
    Mitch Sutton
    Lily Conover
    Hao Xie
    Rand Miyashiro

  3. Approval of Minutes from January 4, 2019 (Action Item)

    The minutes of January 4, 2019 were approved without changes.

  4. Department Updates & Announcements

    Ms. Nina D’Amato announced an upcoming temporary staff relocation at the Department of Technology to accommodate tenant improvements.

  5. Discussion: FY 2019-20 and FY 2020-21 Budget Overview

    Mr. Matthias Jaime presented an overview of IT project requests received for the next two fiscal years, which included thematic groupings, estimated project costs, and multi-year Major IT projects. Notably, he contrasted estimated costs and funding requests with projected available funding levels, and directed members to COIT’s SharePoint site, where additional project details could be found.

    A general discussion followed regarding project categorization and next steps.

  6. Update: Quarter Two COIT Portfolio Performance

    Mr. Jaime discussed the purpose of the quarterly reporting process and its role relative to the budget review and allocation process. He then shared COIT’s report on project performance for the second quarter of the current fiscal year.

    Members then discussed best practices for collecting and communicating information regarding project performance.

  7. COIT Funded Projects Update

    - Assessor-Recorder/Treasurer & Tax Collector/Controller – Property Assessment and Tax System
    - Emergency Management – Computer Aided Dispatch Replacement Project

    Assessor-Recorder/Treasurer & Tax Collector/Controller – Property Assessment and Tax System (PATS) Replacement

    Ms. Rachel Cukierman and Ms. Tajel Shah presented an update on PATS, a previously approved and ongoing COIT project. Ms. Cukierman discussed the project’s background and details related to the Assessor-Recorder systems impacted and slated to be replaced. Ms. Shah discussed systems impacted and being integrated on the Treasurer & Tax Collector and Controller’s side. Notably, the presentation provided details on contracts recently awarded that will kick off the implementation phase as well as governance structures that will provide oversight going forward.

    A general discussion followed with members remarking on governance and accountability, taxation processes and policies, and potential customer service considerations.

    Emergency Management – Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Replacement Project

    Mr. Rob Smuts and Mr. Mike Dougherty presented an update on CAD, a previously approved and ongoing COIT project. The presentation covered the project’s background, recent developments, budget, scope, and schedule.

    A general discussion followed regarding contracting, scoping, and stakeholder participation and engagement.

  8. Public Comment

    There was no public comment.

  9. Adjournment

    The meeting adjourned at 11:29 am.

Sunshine Ordinance

San Francisco Administrative Code §67.9(a)   Agendas of meetings and any other documents on file with the clerk of the policy body, when intended for distribution to all, or a majority of all, of the members of a policy body in connection with a matter anticipated for discussion or consideration at a public meeting shall be made available to the public. To the extent possible, such documents shall also be made available through the policy body's Internet site. However, this disclosure need not include any material exempt from public disclosure under this ordinance.