Support, maintain, and secure 
critical infrastructure

The City’s technology infrastructure is the basic set of systems that support our operations and services and requires continual investment to ensure mission critical systems are available at all times.

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Networks and Telecommunications

The City’s fiber-optic network supports operations throughout San Francisco. With over 226 miles, the Department of Technology aims to expand fiber and connect all City buildings by 2025.

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Data Centers

As more private companies compete to provide cloud services, the City will re-examine the value of maintaining its four independent data centers versus subscribing to hosted solutions.

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The Cybersecurity Program aims to protect connected critical infrastructure, manage risk, and contain and eradicate compromises. The City’s Chief Information Security Officer is working on developing a shared governance model and building out tools to protect the City from cyber threat.

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Disaster Preparedness, Response, 
Recovery and Resilience

City departments are required to develop a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for their technology systems with clear, consistent and achievable standards to ensure the delivery of public services during and after a disaster. 

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Improve efficiency and effectiveness of city operations

Projects that support this goal should lower costs, save time, and improve the delivery of City services. 

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Centralizing Customer Service

SF311 is a central service center to help residents, visitors, and businesses better navigate through the City, which has 54 departments offering a variety of services. The City will continue to expand other service portals to connect customers to services in San Francisco.

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Data Strategy

Data Strategy

The DataSF team is engaged in citywide efforts to be a data-driven City to promote data access, use, and governance. Citywide efforts include publishing datatsets on the Open Data Portal, promoting department stat and dashboarding tools, and ensuring effective and efficient data governance.

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Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Over the next five years, the City will examine our sourcing strategies to streamline the procurement of technological goods and services. The Procurement Working Group will analyze the different components to technology procurement and strategies to overcome barriers.

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Hiring Technologists

The City is positioning itself as an employer of choice for top tech talent. The City developed the TechHire program; to help bring in more technology professionals throughout the City.

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Increase access and transparency to local government

The City highly prioritizes projects that has the potential to make government services more inclusive and accessible, such as providing services and information online. 

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Digital Inclusion

San Francisco has a rich history of investing in digital inclusion and helping to expand Internet access across the City. Programs through the Public Library , SFConnected, and TechSF are helping to train residents to digital tools. By bringing stakeholders together, San Francisco aims to close the digital divide.

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Digital Services

The SF Digitial Services Team works to improve the public experience when using City services. Our work complement the goals in the Digital Services Strategy, which is to make all services accessible and easy to use for everyone

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