The management, acquisition and deployment of new technology within the City can incur additional, significant costs if the implementation project is not properly managed.

This policy establishes the technology project management policy standard for the City and County San Francisco.


The purpose of the COIT project management methodology policy is to help ensure the successful implementation of technology projects across the City by applying best practice techniques and processes for the management of projects.


All departments, agencies and commissions shall adopt a project management methodology for the implementation of technology projects. The methodology must be based on a generally recognized and accepted methodology, such as (but not limited to) Prince2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) or PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). Regardless of the project management methodology utilized, the following minimum project management elements are required:

  • Project Proposal/Charter

  • Project Plan (including Scope, Resource, Cost, Schedule)

  • Project Execution/Control

  • Project Acceptance

Depending on the scale of the project, additional project management deliverables may be required.

Further information on the requirements may be found in the COIT Project Management Methodology maintained by the COIT Performance Subcommittee.

Departments that do not have any established methodology may adopt the COIT Project Management Methodology maintained by the COIT Performance Subcommittee or may employ another methodology that contains the required elements. The degree by which the methodology is applicable to various projects will be addressed in the departmental methodology.

Should a department choose to contract out or outsource a system development or integration project the vendor selected shall adhere to the departmental project management methodology; or the department, at its discretion, may accept the vendor's methodology; or the department and the vendor may define a project-specific methodology. In all cases, the methodology must include the project management elements defined in this policy.

Departments shall inform the COIT Performance Subcommittee which methodology they have chosen to employ. A department may be asked to submit a copy of their methodology to the COIT Performance Subcommittee for verification. Compliance of a department's chosen methodology with this policy shall be decided by the COIT Performance Subcommittee. Should the department not agree with the COIT Performance Committee's determination, the department may ask that the methodology be referred to COIT for final resolution.