Under the provisions of the City and County San Francisco administrative code, information resources are the strategic assets of the City and County of San Francisco that will be managed at the direction of the Committee on Information Technology (COIT).


The purpose of the this policy is to establish the green information technology procurement vision and goals that are applicable to all City and County of San Francisco departments.


The City and County of San Francisco will purchase information technology (IT) equipment that meets the needs of City users as well as minimizes negative human health effects and environmental harm. Our purchasing practices will go above and beyond basic environmentally preferable purchasing initiatives and serve as a model to other public agencies, private businesses and residents. Our IT purchasing practices will ensure that public money is spent in a manner that is consistent with our human health and environmental policies and will be used to foster expanded environmental stewardship in the IT industry.

To ensure that, to the greatest extent feasible, City government agencies purchase only information technology equipment that:

  1. Contain minimum levels of toxic components,

  2. Operate with the highest energy efficiency,

  3. Maximize product longevity

  4. Is designed to facilitate recycling at the end of product life, and with maximum use of recycled and recyclable materials

  5. Require minimal packaging with maximum recycled and recyclable content,

  6. Promote extended producer responsibility for manufacture and disposal, and

  7. Have the smallest possible climate change footprint.

In addition to this policy departments and agencies should comply with any additional direction approved by the Mayor or Board of Supervisors with regards to Green Technology procurement.