Resources Charter

City & County ofSan Francisco
Committee on Information Technology
Resources Subcommittee Charter

Preamble: This charter formally establishes the Resources Subcommittee ( Subcommittee ) of the Committee on Information Technology ( COIT ). The Subcommittee is formed under the belief that the Information Technology ( IT ) community should work collaboratively to develop, recommend, and implement enterprise policies and standards.

I. Name: The name of this subcommittee is the COIT Resources Subcommittee.

II. Authority: The Subcommittee operates under the authority of COIT.

III. Purpose: The Subcommittee is established to assist the COIT in carrying out its tasks of promoting the effective and efficient use of IT resources. The principal purpose of the Subcommittee is to implement, through collaboration with City Departments, best practices in the delivery of information technology to achieve the following objectives:

· Ensure that the City's technology organizations work efficiently and effectively;

· Ensure that the City's technology employees work efficiently and effectively;

· Ensure that the City provides the necessary technology and administrative tools to do the job;

· Ensure that the City has a knowledgeable, productive technology workforce; and

· Streamline policies, procedures and legislation.

IV. Membership: The COIT Chairperson shall appoint the Chair of the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee Chair, in conjunction with the COIT Chairperson, shall appoint the remaining members to the subcommittee. Membership is open to any qualified City employee. Membership terms are one year in length, beginning in January of each year. A member may continue to serve consecutive terms upon approval of the Subcommittee Chair and COIT Chair. If a Subcommittee member is not attending meetings on a regular basis, the Subcommittee member can be replaced at the discretion of the Subcommittee Chair and COIT Chair.

V. Voting and Quorum: The Subcommittee shall follow the established procedures of COIT for the conduct of Subcommittee business. A quorum of the Subcommittee is required for any votes. A quorum is defined as attendance by more than one-half of the Subcommittee members. A Subcommittee member can have an alternate attend a meeting with the understanding that the alternate is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the member and vote in their place.

VI. Meetings: Meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 2pm. Meetings may be rescheduled as necessary by the Subcommittee Chair. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the COIT Chairperson, the Subcommittee Chair or the COIT Director. If a member of the subcommittee cannot attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the subcommittee they must provide a representative to attend the meeting and vote on their behalf. All subcommittee meetings of substance shall be posted in advance and shall be made open to the public.

VII. Subcommittee Chair: The COIT Chairperson shall appoint the Subcommittee Chair. The Subcommittee Chair shall serve a two-year term, beginning in January of each year. The Subcommittee Chair shall preside at the Subcommittee meetings, appoint Subcommittee members in conjunction with the COIT Chairperson, provide minutes be taken and distributed, be the primary contact to the COIT Chairperson, attend COIT meetings and provide testimony to the COIT and other bodies as required.

VIII. Vacancies: Any vacancy created by the resignation or termination of the Subcommittee Chair shall be filled by the COIT Chairperson or the COIT Director. The newly appointed Subcommittee Chair shall fill the remaining term of office. For any resignation, termination, or absence of other members of the subcommittee, the Subcommittee Chair in consultation with the COIT Chairperson shall fill vacancies.

IX. Amendments: This Charter may be amended by a majority vote of the Resources Subcommittee and the approval of COIT Chair.