Recruitment of Public Member of COIT


As part of legislation passed by the Board of Supervisor establishing IT policy for the City and County of San Francisco, the Committee on Information Technology (COIT) is currently recruiting an individual from the public who is a resident of San Francisco to fill one (1) non-voting vacancy. This individual cannot be an employee of the City and County of San Francisco and shall have expertise in fields of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) innovation and advances, emerging ICT applications, and/or public policy issues related to ICT.


COIT Background

COIT consists of a central committee, staffed by representatives of the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, and Departments whose purpose is to provide the necessary oversight of technology policy and procedures to ensure that the City meets its goals and objectives.

COIT has one (1) Subcommittee, composed of technical, financial, and administrative representatives of small and large enterprise and General Fund departments. The Budget and Performance Subcommittee serves as key advisor to the central committee, providing COIT with critical information, recommendations and support for its planning, budgeting, quality oversight, and resource functions.

Roles and Responsibilities

The governing body of the Committee on Information Technology (COIT) is responsible for: 

  • Advising the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on technology matters, 
  • Setting overall technology direction for the City and departments, 
  • Making policy decisions, 
  • Establishing long range plans, 
  • Monitoring compliance with financial and legal requirements, 
  • Insuring the goals and programs of the COIT remain faithful to its mission, 
  • Insuring that adequate financial resources are secured to carry out the work of the City, and 
  • Enhancing the public image of the City





California Government Code section 1090 prohibits public officials from being financially interested in a contract made by them or by the boards or commissions of which they are members. In some circumstances, the conflicted official's recusal from the decision will not cure the conflict. Contracts made under such circumstances are void, and violation of section 1090 may subject a public official to severe sanctions.

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