Planning and Budgeting Sub-Committee

The planning and budgeting subcommittee of the COIT is responsible for advising the Committee on all matters relating to technology planning and budgeting.

List of Members
Areas of Responsibilities
Agendas & Minutes
Planning & Budgeting Charter

List of Members:

  • Greg Wagner - Chair
    CFO, Department of Public Health
  • Monique Zmuda
    Deputy Controller, Controller's Office
  • Theresa Lee
    Deputy Airport Director, San Francisco Airport
  • Michael Liang
    CIO, Public Library
  • Kenneth Bukowski
    CFO, General Services Agency
  • Ken Salmon
    CIO, Public Utilities Commission
  • Chanda Ikeda (COIT)
    Fiscal and Policy Analyst, Mayor's Office
  • Brian Strong
    Director, Capital Planning
  • Vakil Kuner
    CIO, Department of Human
  • Bella Fudym
    IT Project Director, Adult Probation
  • Travis Fox
    Deputy Director Technology & Performance/CIO, Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA)


Areas of Responsibilities

  • Ensure an annual enterprise technology plan is developed
  • Ensure an annual and multi-year technology budgets are developed
  • Ensure that technology projects are supported by financial analyses and support the enterprise technology plan


  • Develop an enterprise technology plan
  • Develop an annual budget process that supports enterprise technology plan
  • Recommend to COIT - plan and budget requests
  • To ensure cost optimization
  • To ensure asset management and productivity