Performance and Resources Sub-Committee

The quality assurance subcommittee of the COIT is responsible for advising the Committee on all matters relating to quality assurance.

List of Members
Areas of Responsibilities
Agendas & Minutes
Performance Charter

List of Members:

  • Brent Lewis – Chair
    Finance and Budget Director, Human Resources
  • Dale Riley
    CIO, City Attorney
  • Thomas DiSanto
    Chief Administrative Officer, Planning Department
  • Linda Yeung
    Deputy City Administrator, City Administrator's Office
  • Tajel Shah
    Director, Budget & Operations
  • Jeana Pieralde
    Chief Security Officer, Department of Technology
  • Jaci Fong
    Acting Director, Purchasing Department
  • Michelle Geddes
    Program Manager, Department of Emergency Management (DEM)
  • Julia Dawson
    Budget Manager, San Francisco International Airport
  • Mary Fitzpatrick
    Director of Systems, Controller
  • Chanda Ikeda
    COIT Analyst, Mayor's Office



Areas of Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the City has quality assurance processes, procedures, and reporting capabilities
  • Ensure that enterprise project management methods, forms, and reporting are developed, implemented, and maintained.


  • To be determined by the Subcommittee