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April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013
City Hall, Room 288
2:00PM – 4:00PM

Brent Lewis – Chair, Director of Finance and I.T., Dept. of Human Resources
Phil Arnold - Chief Financial Officer, Department of Human Services
Dale Riley - Chief Information Officer, City Attorney
Thomas DiSanto - Chief Administrative Officer, Planning Department
Linda Yeung - Deputy City Administrator, City Administrator's Office
Tajel Shah - Director, Budget & Operations, Treasurer-Tax Collector
Jeana Pieralde - Chief Security Officer, Department of Technology
Jaci Fong - Director, Purchasing Department
Michelle Geddes - Program Manager, Department of Emergency Management
Julia Dawson - Budget Manager, San Francisco International Airport
Mary Fitzpatrick - Director of Systems, Controller

1. Call the meeting to order
The meeting was called to order by Chair Brent Lewis at 2:15pm.

2. Roll call:

Brent Lewis
Dale Riley
Thomas DiSanto
Linda Yeung
Jeana Pieralde
Julia Dawson
Mary Fitzpatrick

Phil Arnold
Jaci Fong
Tajel Shah
Michelle Geddes

Mayor’s Office
Chanda Ikeda
Carol Lu

Susan Kearney
Rachel Cukierman
Patrick Rice
Bree Mawhorter

3. Approval of minutes

With the addition of Linda Yeung’s name to the list of attendees, the minutes of March 14, 2013 were approved.

4. Calendar Review for Status Updates

Chanda Ikeda mentioned that because the subcommittee expressed a desire to get up updates from departments on projects that were funded by COIT and are behind schedule, Ms. Ikeda has asked the Port and the Sheriff’s Department to come present today. She went on to say that next month she has asked additional departments with projects that are 0 percent complete to give an update to the subcommittee so the subcommittee can get a better sense of what is going on with these projects and perhaps help these departments get things off the ground. Ms. Ikeda noted that she is starting with Departments that are 0 percent complete. Ms. Ikeda also clarified that these projects are not being asked to come before COIT to present, but rather just in front of this subcommittee.
Tom DiSanto suggested organizing the project updates by category – to think about the projects with respect to their size and General-Fund impact.

Ms. Ikeda noted that with the 106 projects currently being tracked, Carol Lu from the Mayor’s Budget Office is looking at the correlation between the size of the project and the status of completion.

Linda Yeung asked if the Police Department has presented yet.
Ms. Ikeda said no.

5. Update on On-going Projects

Susan Kearney presented the following two projects on behalf of the Port:
1) Retire Port Legacy Applications
2) Contract Management System

With respect to the Retire Port Legacy Applications project, Ms. Kearney explained that the project is on hold because the Department has decided to redirect their focus on creating an IT Strategic Plan.

Ms. Ikeda asked how long the strategic planning will take.

Ms. Kearney said that it depends on who is awarded the contract, but believes it will take between 6-10 weeks.

Mr. DiSanto asked if the Department was planning to use the funds for the COIT-approved project to fund the strategic plan. If so, he noted that this seems like a completely different project.

Ms. Ikeda clarified that the Port is planning to use part of the $75,000 approved project funds to fund the strategic planning effort.

Ms. Kearney asked if that was an issue.

Mr. Lewis said yes and suggested that she speak with the chair of the Planning & Budgeting Subcommittee to present on the change in project scope and to seek approval of the new project’s focus.

Ms. Ikeda said that because this is funding coming out of the Port’s own operating budget, this re-approval of the project’s scope from the Planning & Budgeting Subcommittee is largely a formality.

Mr. DiSanto asked if this will be a time-entry system and whether or not it will interface with eMerge.

Ms. Kearney responded that the plan is for the system to be entirely replaced by eMerge, but it will interface with eMerge until the self-service component is incorporated into eMerge.

Mary Fitzpatrick agreed that the project feels like a shift from the original scope, but she said it makes sense that the Department would need to step back and evaluate how it plans to retire the system.

Julia Dawson asked when the Department last updated it’s IT Strategic Plan.

Ms. Kearney responded that it was a long time ago.

With respect to the Contract Management System project, Ms. Kearney said that the project is behind because it is unstaffed. She went on to say that the Department can put money in the budget to fund the project, but they don’t have anyone to staff it at the moment. They will need to do quite a bit of analysis on funding and scope before staffing the project.

Ms. Dawson asked if the Port was working or partnering with any other agencies.

Ms. Kearney said the Department does not intend to do it on its own.

Ms. Dawson mentioned a system at the Airport that may be similar or of interest.

Ms. Kearney and Ms. Dawson briefly discussed the specifics of the Airport system and whether it is similar to the needs of the Port.

Ms. Yeung suggested Ms. Kearney contact Jocelyn at the Department of Public Works which as a great Contract Management System.

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The Sheriff’s Department was not ready to present yet, so the Subcommittee moved on to the Enterprise Agreements presentation.

6. Enterprise Agreements

Rachel Cukierman and Patrick Rice presented on Enterprise Agreements.

Ms. Ikeda asked if DT sponsored the VMware agreement.

Ms. Cukierman said yes and no – DT sponsored a portion of the agreement.

Ms. Yeung asked what our budgeting/accounting model is for paying for IT. She noted that there is a risk that departments might double count IT expenses with these new Enterprise Agreements.

Ms. Ikeda said that as we move forward with these agreements, the Mayor’s Office is going to have to think about how these Enterprise Agreements fit into how we budget and where they should live.

Ms. Fitzpatrick said that there needs to be clarification about whether these licenses are being funded out of department operating budgets or through DT workorders. She went on to say that this would be a good analytical exercise and would ultimately help departments make adjustments to better understand if and where there is overlap.

Ms. Cukierman continued her presentation.

With respect to the ComnVault Simpana Agreement, Mr. Lewis asked of Ms. Cukierman and Mr. Rice were working with DT.

Ms. Cukierman said yes, closely with Ken Bukowski.

Ms. Ikeda asked where the City’s license desk live.

Ms. Cukierman responded that it would probably live under the General Servies Agency, but she is not certain.

Mr. Lewis asked about the timing.

Ms. Cukierman said it would probably be incorporated into the FY 2014-15 budget submission.

Mr. Price also noted that they need to identify a negotiating team.

Mr. Lewis said it would be great if they would come back to the subcommittee with an update or a recommendation as they move forward with these agreements.

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5. Update on On-going Projects (continued)

Bree Mawhorter presented on the following two projects on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department:
1) Active Directory (VDI)
2) Network Upgrade

Ms. Yeung asked if the Sheriff’s Department would come back to the JUSTIS Governance Council and continue this conversation offline.

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7. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:46pm.
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