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September 12, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013
City Hall, Room 305
2:00PM – 4:00PM


Brent Lewis – Chair, Director of Finance and I.T., Dept. of Human Resources
Dale Riley - Chief Information Officer, City Attorney
Thomas DiSanto - Chief Administrative Officer, Planning Department
Linda Yeung - Deputy City Administrator, City Administrator's Office
Tajel Shah - Director, Budget & Operations, Treasurer-Tax Collector
Jeana Pieralde - Chief Security Officer, Department of Technology
Jaci Fong - Director, Purchasing Department
Michelle Geddes - Program Manager, Department of Emergency Management
Julia Dawson - Budget Manager, San Francisco International Airport
Mary Fitzpatrick - Director of Systems, Controller
Chanda Ikeda – COIT Analyst, Mayor’s Office

1. Call the meeting to order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Brent Lewis at 2:04pm.

2. Roll call:
Brent Lewis
Dale Riley
Thomas DiSanto
Linda Yeung
Tajel Shah
Jeana Pieralde
Patrick Rice (for Jaci Fong)
Michelle Geddes
Julia Dawson
Chanda Ikeda

Jaci Fong
Mary Fitzpatrick

Mayor’s Office
Lily Liang

Miguel Gamino
Charles Thompson

3. Approval of minutes

The minutes of July 25, 2013 were approved.

4. Introduction & Update: Miguel Gamino, COO, Department of Technology

Mr. Miguel Gamino introduced himself as the Department of Technology’s (DT) new Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Information Officer. He discussed his professional background and gave a brief overview of project management deliverables he hopes to bring to DT and the Subcommittee in coming months.

5. Project Update: Records Management (Treasurer-Tax Collector)

Ms. Tajel Shah presented on the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s (TTX) Records Management project which went live in August.

Following a RFP and RFQ, Ms. Shah stated that TTX secured a contract with Wausau Systems. The new system supports thousands of transactions daily and its capabilities include imaging, digitization, and archiving of payments and other documents. Ms. Shah added that as TTX continually seeks to simplify workflows and tweak the system to meet gross receipt tax requirements, four additional phases remain.

Ms. Shah noted that the Department of Building Management (DBI) and Planning Department (CPC) are slated to use TTX’s system. DBI plans to go live in the coming weeks and CPC will follow.

To encourage similar collaboration, Ms. Shah proposed a Subcommittee-sponsored brown bag lunch and/or tour of TTX’s records management facilities for the City’s CFOs and CIOs. The suggestion was well-received by Subcommittee members, who tentatively agreed on a date in late October.

6. Discussion: Calendar Review

Referencing last month’s meeting and Subcommittee members’ request for a revised list of projects grouped by theme or dollar amount, Ms. Chanda Ikeda solicited feedback on the list she provided.

Ms. Julia Dawson suggested that it might be helpful to have short summaries or descriptions in addition to the list of project titles and approved amounts.

Mr. Brent Lewis suggested that the next meeting focus on projects related to asset management.

Ms. Dawson noted that Public Works’ Infor project could potentially be another Subcommittee-sponsored brown bag event.

There was no opposition to Ms. Dawson and Mr. Lewis suggestions.

Ms. Ikeda closed the discussion by informing Subcommittee members that COIT’s Chair Naomi Kelly was likely to announce the reorganization of Subcommittees at September’s COIT meeting. If so, she stated that the Subcommittee should expect calendar as well as membership changes.

7. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:28pm.
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