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February 14, 2013


Thursday, February 14, 2013
One South Van Ness, 2nd Floor
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Gina Tomlinson, Chair, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Technology
David Counter, Chief Information Officer, Department of Public Health
Daniel Gonzales, IT Manager, Airport
Susan Kearney, Chief Information Officer, Port of San Francisco
Mitch Sutton, IT Manager, Department of Emergency Management
Ephrem Naizghi, Interim Chief Information Officer, Department of Public Works
Art Wong, Technology Program Manager, Metropolitan Transportation Agency
Emma Woo, IT Manager, Public Utilities Commission
Susan Giffin, Chief Information Officer, Police

1. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Brian Roberts at 10:08 a.m.

2. Roll Call:
Brian Roberts for Gina Tomlinson
Tedman Eng for Susan Kearney
Alan Tse for Mitch Sutton
Ephrem Naizghi
Almir Guimaraes for David Counter
Art Wong
Amanath Ali for Susan Giffin

David Counter
Emma Woo
Susan Giffin
Susan Kearney
Mitch Sutton
Daniel Gonzales

Glacier Ybanez
Marco Magallon
Jose Mejia
Sam Valdez
Doris Legaspi

Mayor’s Office
Chanda Ikeda

Dale Riley – City Attorney’s Office

3. Approval of meeting minutes
The minutes of January 15, 2013 were approved.

Mr. Brian Roberts chaired the committee meeting on behalf of Chair Tomlinson.
Mr. Roberts changed the order of discussion on the agenda items.

4. Action Items

• Review of Final Draft of Edited BYOD
- Mr. Roberts mentioned that this is the draft that was distributed right after the last month’s meeting and included edits that were brought up during the meeting. There were no comments received from the members on the last draft. Mr. Eng from the Port asked how the Sunshine Ordinance applies in relation to this policy. Mr. Eng said that is unclear right now whether it is just the information or the device that contains the information will be subject to Sunshine Ordinance. Mr. Roberts said that Sunshine ordinance applies to documents and this policy does not change the Sunshine Ordinance. Mr. Tse from DEM said to reference in the policy that Sunshine law applies to materials created on the device. Mr. Roberts said that he will add a sentence on the “Introduction and Purpose” that says “nothing about the BYOD policy changes the application of the Sunshine law.”
- Mr. Ali from SFPD inquired if there is a central agency to wipe out the device in the event it is lost or stolen. Mr. Magallon from DT responded on the limitations of the technology wherein the device can be wiped out centrally or the device can be wiped by the user from their own account.
- Mr. Naizghi commented on this policy being complementary to any previously implemented policies that City has in relation to any data.
- Mr. Guimaraes made the motion to approve this policy. Mr. Roberts seconded. All are in favor. The motion is carried.
- Mr. Naizghi said the need to go back and see all the policies that are in place. Mr. Riley from City Attorney’s Office suggested having a binder showing the list of all the COIT adopted policies and other City policies related to the work of COIT, such as the Sunshine Ordinance. Mr. Roberts explained that all COIT adopted policies already reside on the COIT website.

• ICT Plan
- Ms. Chanda Ikeda, Mayor’s Budget Office stated that her main goal is to get recommendations from this committee for the major projects to be included in the ICT Plan. She reminded the members on the six original goals wherein the last 2 goals will be moved out higher either to the executive summary or mission/vision.
- Ms. Ikeda said she wants to focus on the recent accomplishments that are department and citywide projects identified to highlight within the goals.
- For each of the accomplishments, there will be a short paragraph on what has been accomplished and how these goals are being supported by the projects.
- Ms. Ikeda enumerated the proposed major projects of the departments for the four (4) goals. She asked if these are the right projects that will align with the goals. The selected projects will end up in the goal section and the other projects not selected will be in the appendix list. The criteria for the project will represent a citywide initiative and will benefit the public.

- The members decided on the following proposed projects on each goals:

Goal #1 – Make government more efficient and effective through technology

  • Take out Gross receipts tax (TTX)
  • Take out Acquisition of City’s Comprehensive Recorder System (ASR)
  • For Virtual Desktop Technology (DPH), use acronym VDI
  • Move Integrated Communicable Disease Information System to Goal #4
  • Take out eMerge Upgrade (PRT). This is Port’s internal project.
  • Move Mobile Device Terminal Replacement (FIR) to Goal #4.
Goal #2 – Improve public access and transparency
  • Mr. Roberts proposed to add the word “training” on the Strategies to read, address the digital divide by providing broadband access and training to underserved populations since training is one of the initiatives. The Subcommittee concluded that “access” encompasses training and other essential elements and therefore did not need to be separately identified
  • Keep all the projects.
Goal #3 – Strengthen Security and Disaster Preparedness
  • Move Public Safety Radio Replacement to Goal #4
  • Move High Tech Mobile Devices for Officers to Goal #4
  • Take out Security LAN replacement
  • Keep the following: Disaster Recovery, Security Initiatives and 911 Radio Enhancement Project
Goal #4 – Ensure ongoing support and maintenance for critical City IT Infrastructure
  • Move network upgrade (Library) to Goal #2
  • Take out the network upgrade (Sheriff)
  • Take out the Citywide Wi-Fi (TIS)
  • Take out upgrade of police vehicle modems
  • Keep the rest of the projects

Mr. Guimaraes moved to recommend the revised list of projects as discussed. Mr. Naizghi seconded. All are in favor. Motion is carried.

For more detailed information on the presentation, please refer to and

5. Discussion Items:

• Nominees for consideration to replace two members who left A&S SC in 2012
Mr. Roberts stated the need to fill out the two members who left the committee. He asked the members if they know anybody who will be available and send the names to Chair Tomlinson and Ms. Ikeda. Ms. Ikeda mentioned that the members of the subcommittees are appointed by the COIT Chair. All the positions and shifts will happen later in March and if you no longer want to seat in the committee this will be the appropriate time to let them know.
• Other items on the agenda will be discussed at the next meeting.

6. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:57 a.m.

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