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February 11, 2010




February 11, 2010 – 1:30 pm

One South Van Ness, DT, Room 2215


Gina Tomlinson, Chairperson, Division Director, COIT

Jon Walton, COIT

Phil Arnold, CFO, Department of Human Services

Dale Riley, City Attorney, City Attorney Office

Peg Stevenson, Deputy, and Controller's Office

Norm Goldwyn, IT Director, City Administrator's Office

Linda Yeung, Deputy Administrator, City Administrator's Office

Tajel Shah, Treasurer Tax Collector

Pat Cox, IT Manager, Department of Parks, & Recreation

David German, Director of Customer Service, Department of Technology


Chair Gina Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 1:40 pm

Introductions of Subcommittee members and new members


Members Present:

Gina Tomlinson, Chairperson, CIO, MTA

Brian Roberts for Jon Walton, COIT Director

Phil Arnold, CFO, Department of Human Services

Dale Riley, City Attorney, City Attorney Office

Peg Stevenson, Deputy, Controller's Office

Norm Goldwyn, IT Director, City Administrator's Office

Pat Cox, IT Manager, Recreation, and Park

David German, Director of Customer Service, Department of Technology

Linda Yeung, Deputy Administrator, City Administrator's Office

Tajel Shah, Treasurer Tax Collector

3. COIT Staff

Charles Thompson


Brad Baker, ITECH

Pronoy Saha

Andy Maimoni, GSA

Carman Branner, MTA

4. Approval of Minutes

The minutes for October 22 and November 12, 2009 approved. December 17, 2009 to be approved at next meeting.


5. Discussion: Review of Performance Subcommittee process

Chair Tomlinson stated her goal is to reinvent Performance Subcommittee. Chair Tomlinson wants Subcommittee to think and do things differently. Chair Tomlinson stated this is an opportunity to make the Performance Subcommittee a livable, viable enabler of projects within the COIT organization. Additionally, Chair Tomlinson stated she wants Performance Subcommittee review of IT projects to be such that the requestor or people who are presenting these projects; and the rigor that we put into these projects add value to the City bottom-line.

Chair Tomlinson stated the first goal of Subcommittee is review Charter to make it more liberal and tangible to our actual mission and objectives. Chair Tomlinson instructed Subcommittee members to bring ideas to future meetings.

Linda Yeung suggested getting information from COIT main body and other COIT Subcommittees to see if we can add value or get information. Ms. Yeung stated information from staff reports or agendas would be useful to make sure other committees are not reviewing same projects.

Chair Tomlinson asked a question on the process of the flow of how a project goes through the various COIT subcommittees and ultimately to COIT. Brian Roberts along with input from Subcommittee responded indicated below:

· Each year in January as part of the budget process, the Mayor's Budget Office instructs departments to input information/requests for proposed projects into the budget database complete information for proposed new projects using a template.

· February through March the Planning & Budget Subcommittee review projects over $100,000 for both general and non general fund projects. For the general fund projects, they rank them and due to resource, limitations only a certain number of those proposed projects are recommended for approval.

· Recommendations made to COIT for approval.

· Approved Plans go to Mayors Office to accept

· Request are submitted to Board of Supervisors (May-June)

· Departments received funds

· Performance to review ongoing projects (August – ongoing)

Brian Roberts stated some projects are approved by COIT after the approval process is complete. Mr. Roberts stated these projects generally are already funded. Chair Tomlinson asked a question if these projects should go through the same rigor as other projects. Brian Roberts responded in a discussion with Jon Walton about this issued, he stated these projects are reviewed by same criteria of budget schedule and scope and may be less emphasis on financial part. Mr. Walton stated they should go through same review process. Chair Tomlinson stated Subcommittee should review Charter objectives, and make necessary changes. The document objectives of Charter not fully followed and this is an opportunity to make it more adaptable to how things should go today.

Chair Tomlinson stated Monique Zmuda, Chair of Budget Subcommittee wants Performance Subcommittee to give approval and recommendations on multi-year multi-department projects. Ms. Zmuda expressed a desire for better communication on projects between Planning and & Budget and Performance Subcommittees. Chair Tomlinson expressed the need for improved communications between all subcommittees.

Charles Thompson discussed the process used for gathering information on proposed projects. The information gathered for projects includes artifacts, and methodology. Mr. Thompson stated all projects should be submitted into Planning & Budget system regardless of whether they were funded by COIT or not.

Chair Tomlinson stated she has not seen much involvement or engagement with this Subcommittee between IT Project Managers and PMO's in the City engage in presentation of projects. Charles Thompson stated some projects in the system do not indicate Project Managers or PMOs.

6. Discussion: Performance Subcommittee Charter update

Chair Tomlinson stated will contact the entire City's CIO get an understanding of what their PM or PMO, department manager structure and become familiar with names and faces. Chair Tomlinson stated after Subcommittee formalizes the Charter, she will communicate to IT/PMO audience. Dale Riley stated he believes a previous report completed by an outside agency. Brian Roberts confirmed and stated would circulate the report draft to Subcommittee to review by next meeting.

Subcommittee discussed the disparity between departments that do not have adequate IT staff support. Charles Thompson stated in his experience he has found the knowledge level of the have not's department can be limited. Chair Tomlinson discussed the membership of Subcommittee, and if we have the right members and numbers of people for Subcommittee. Chair Tomlinson asked Subcommittee to consider if there is a need to have other entities or bodies within the City as members on Subcommittee.

Action Items:

· Chair Tomlinson will review Subcommittee meeting dates.

· Subcommittee to review Charter and review, edit and make suggestions

· Charles Thompson will present to Subcommittee at next meeting a listing projects approved, post approved and sorted by general and non general fund departments, and will filter out initiatives in spreadsheet including projects funded last year going forward.

· Charles Thompson will do a list of each Subcommittee, members and which MSA they represent and will determine whether a particular MSA represented or not.

· Chair Tomlinson will speak with Chair Zmuda of Planning and Budget regarding areas the Performance Subcommittee could possibly be more effective.

· Chair Tomlinson will contact the various IT organizations across the agencies to gather PM and PMO information to develop a rapport and inform them who we are and what we do. In terms of reporting to COIT will talk with Jon Walton and Chris Vein to report Performance Subcommittee is under renovation and is not prepared to deliver presentations until further notice.

7. Discussion: Recommendations for future agenda items – TBD

8. Public Comment: No public comment

9. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 3:34 p.m.

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