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July 13, 2013



Friday, September 13, 2013
City Hall, Room 421
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Greg Wagner - CFO, Department of Public Health
Monique Zmuda - Deputy Controller, Controller’s Office
Kenneth Bukowski – CFO, City Administrator’s Office
Travis Fox - Deputy Director Technology & Performance/CIO, MTA
Michael Liang – CIO, SF Public Library
Bella Fudym - IT Project Director, Adult Probation
Vakil Kuner - CIO, Department of Human Services
Theresa Lee - Deputy Airport Director, San Francisco Airport
Ken Salmon - CIO, Public Utilities Commission
Brian Strong - Director, Capital Planning
Chanda Ikeda – COIT Analyst, Mayor’s Office
Carol Lu – Analyst, Mayor’s Office

1. Call the meeting to order

Mr. Greg Wagner called the meeting to order at 10:06 am.

2. Roll call
Greg Wagner
Monique Zmuda
Ken Bukowski
Art Wong (for Travis Fox)
Michael Liang
Bella Fudym
Vakil Kuner
Julia Dawson (for Theresa Lee)
Ken Salmon
Brian Strong
Chanda Ikeda
Carol Lu

Travis Fox
Theresa Lee

Susan Kearney
Julie Ansell
Paul Karawanny
Charles Thompson

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of July 12, 2013 were approved.

4. Discussion & Action: Project Request — SFBid (PUC)

Seeing that representatives from the Public Utilities Commision (PUC) arrived to the meeting prior to the Port, Mr. Wagner switched the order of agenda items #4 and #5.

Ms. Julie Ansell presented on the PUC’s SFBid project, which was previously spearheaded (but never completed) by the Department of Public Works (DPW). Ms. Ansell stated that the total project request of $600,000 would come from the PUC’s operating budget.

She stated that the project’s total cost is unknown, since shared use of the system will likely be extended to other departments in the future. For the PUC’s sole use however, Ms. Ansell stated that the department would expect to spend approximately $1.2 million to complete the project.

The Subcommittee agreed on the following changes to scoring in Ms. Ansell’s presentation:
- Innovation: 2
- Compliance: 2
- Transparency: 2

To view Ms. Ansell’s presentation, go to:

A motion to approve the project request was passed and approved.

5. Discussion & Action: Project Request — IT Strategic Plan (Port)

Ms. Susan Kearney presented on the Port’s IT Strategic Plan (formerly entitled “Retired Legacy Applications”).

Ms. Kearney stated that the project was previously approved for $75,000 but that the scope had since changed. Consequently, she now sought approval for $75,000 in addition to the previously approved amount, all of which would be sourced from the Port’s operating budget.

A motion to approve the request was passed and approved.

6. Discussion & Action: Proposal to Change Regular Meeting Schedule & Calendar Review

Mr. Wagner proposed that the standing day of Subcommittee meetings be moved to the first Friday of each month. This proposal was unanimously approved by the Subcommittee.

There was general discussion regarding agenda items in the months ahead. Mr. Wagner suggested that a list of approved projects in year one be brought back to the Subcommittee closer to the start of the budget cycle.

7. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:59 a.m.
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