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May 5, 2010






May 5, 2010 - 2:00 p.m.

One South Van Ness

DT, Room 2215



Brent Lewis, Chair, Finance and Budget Director, DHR

Mary Fitzpatrick, Director of Systems, Controller’s Office                                  

Bill Jones, Assistant Director of Purchasing, OCA

John Payne, CIO, San Francisco Airport                                      

Bob Kuzma, Captain, Fire Department

Emma Woo, IT Manager, Public Utilities Commision

Taras Madison, Department of Children, Youth and Families     

Julian Low, Director of Operations, Mayor’s Office

William Lee, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, DEM

Brian Roberts for Jon Walton, COIT Director       


1.       CALL TO ORDER

Chairperson Brent Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.


2.       ROLL CALL

Members Present:

Brent Lewis, Chair, Finance and Budget Director, DHR

Mary Fitzpatrick, Director of Systems, Controller’s Office

Bill Jones, Assistant Director of Purchasing, OCA

Emma Woo, IT Manager, Public Utilities Commission

John Payne, CIO, San Francisco Airport

Julian Low, Director of Operations, Mayor’s Office

William Lee, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, DEM

Brian Roberts for Jon Walton, COIT


Members Absent:

Taras Madison, Department of Children, Youth and Families

Bob Kuzma, Captain, Fire Department

Jon Walton, COIT


DT Staff

Richard Isen

Kendall Gary


3.       Approval of Meeting Minutes

The minutes of January 6, 2010 meeting approved.


4.       Discussion/Action: Amendment to Software Procurement Policy to Better Define “Open Source”

Brian Roberts presented to Subcommittee the revised Software Evaluation Policy proposal approved two months ago by Subcommittee. Mr. Roberts stated the name of policy changed to “Open Source Initiative.”   Mr. Roberts stated the Mayor’s Office received criticism through an Open Source Blog regarding the name we chose and   recommended we use the same title as State of California replacing the name of COIT Software Evaluation Policy. The Subcommittee reviewed and approved the amended policy.


5.        Discussion:  Enterprise Agreements  

Mr. Roberts introduced Kendall Gary, Director, Department of Technology Procurement Division. Mr. Roberts stated that Ms. Gary is the lead on the Enterprise Agreement initiatives and will now attend Subcommittee meetings to update Subcommittee on Enterprise Agreements.  Ms. Gary discussed the status of Microsoft Agreement.  Ms. Gary stated she has been working with OCA and Microsoft to work out procurement vehicle of Initiative. The Controller’s Office and Megan Wallace of Mayors Office have been very involved in the process of clarifying budget issues and City’s expectations and directions of how departments are involved.  Ms. Gary stated there is currently no resolution and discussions about the process continue.  Mr. Payne asked what problems are occurring.  Ms. Gary responded issues of how department budgets will be impacted need clarification.  Ms. Gary stated seven Enterprise Agreements already in place and goal is to bring twenty other departments into Enterprise Agreements contract. Ms. Gary stated also investigating bringing the seven current Enterprise Agreements into one contract.  Ms. Gary stated the goal is to make sure there is a consensus on how we roll departments into one contract.


The Subcommittee discussed the need of further clarification on which products Microsoft will offer and how it will be customize to individual department requirements.  Ms. Gary commented currently in negotiation with Microsoft on type of products offered.  Bill Jones stated the original agreement with Microsoft was for the entire suite.  Mr. Jones explained Microsoft wants City to purchase across the board products.  Ms. Gary stated would not affect departments with Enterprise Agreements currently in place and departments with Enterprise Agreements would incur no additional costs.  Mary Fitzgerald questioned the cost and timeline to make decisions on Microsoft agreement.  Mr. Roberts stated COIT budget recommendation for general fund departments budget was between five to seven million dollars.  Greg Wagner, Mayors Budget Office commented may not be sufficient money for the Enterprise Agreements if there is a decision to fund EMAIL project. The COIT Committee may decide to keep the Enterprise Agreements at its ranking below the likely level of funding with the caveat being that whatever is necessary to implement the Citywide Email would be treated differently.  Bill Jones expressed the hope that Microsoft will submit to City a more detailed description of services offered.  


Mr. Payne asked Ms. Gary if there are any pending Enterprise Agreements she is currently working on besides Microsoft.  Ms. Gary answered working on AT&T, AVALYA and Oracle. Mr. Payne questioned the status of hiring additional Procurement staff. Ms. Gary stated currently have two supporting staff in Procurement Division. 


6.       Discussion:  Equipment Report & Revisions to Green IT Policies

Mr. Roberts presented to Subcommittee the draft of COIT Technology Equipment Study.  Mr. Roberts discussed working with other COIT Subcommittees on issues such as request from Arts Commission for IPADS and Sheriff Department for thin clients. Subcommittee initially rejected this request because not being on list of EPEAT Gold products.  Mr. Roberts stated EPEAT Gold software for thin clients are now available, and should be part of policy. Mr. Roberts stated Energy Star now has a rating for servers and the Subcommittee may want to review this policy. Mr. Roberts discussed the replacement cycles for PCs and monitors, business continuity plans and Green Policy for PC power management outlined in the study. Mr. Roberts stated he would continue to consult with Department of Environment.  Mr. Roberts stated comments on draft policy were from staff that reviewed replacement cycles issues on monitors, and omitted due to budget constraints.  Subcommittee discussed draft report recommendations.  Mr. Roberts stated for next meeting he will consult with staff from Department of Environment and Public Utilities Commission, Architecture Subcommittee and report back with any recommendations on COIT Technology Equipment Study.


Mary Fitzpatrick commented the City is concerned about business continuity plan for the City and vulnerability of the City’s asset management. Ms. Fitzpatrick stated City is reviewing a proposed ten-year plan focusing on City’s’ financial recovery after a disaster. 


Chair Lewis stated this issue discussed during meetings of the Consolidation Plan. Subcommittee discussed the lack of a strong citywide contingency plan in case of long turn effects of a disaster for Department of Technology. Mary Fitzpatrick commented that from a financial perspective our external auditors are starting to review due to the business risk of the potential impact on financial operations. Ms. Fitzpatrick stated this year that the Auditors commented on that issue for the Port in their management review report.  Ms. Fitzpatrick stated the Port had to respond to issue at the Audit and Oversight Committee meeting in front of the Board. Subcommittee discussed getting Business Continuity Plans from departments. Ms. Fitzpatrick stated Controllers Department is working with departments to get financial information sent via a hot spot in a case of a citywide disaster. 


Mr. Roberts asked Subcommittee how it wanted to address the Green Policy issue.  Mr. Roberts stated would draft some changes to policy to make it easier for Subcommittee to make comments and recommendations.  Mr. Roberts will circulate draft within the next weeks.  Mr. Roberts stated will do research on continuity plan available within the City.


7.       Discussion:  Budget Analyst Report on IT Procurement

Mr. Payne questioned by value of leasing vs. purchase.  Mr. Jones commented should be on a case-by-case basis depending on costs.   Mr. Jones stated there are no studies out there on the cost effectiveness of lease rental versus lease payment.


Mr. Roberts commented Architecture Subcommittee has had discussions on procurement process of PC’s and Laptop configuration and server virtualization.

Mr. Jones stated the Budget Analyst did a report on purchasing processes across the City for commodities and one of the issues was OCA purchasing.  Mr. Jones  commented the report recommendations was to bid more, set up more term contracts, increase audit monitoring responsibility of how the City uses departmental blankets and Prop Q purchases, and increase training both in-house and outside departments. 


Chair Lewis stated there would be no Subcommittee meeting in June.  The next meeting will be on August 4, 2010.


8.       Public Comment

      No public comment


9.       Adjournment

Meeting adjourned 3:40 p.m.

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