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July 25, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013
City Hall, Room 305
2:00PM – 4:00PM


Brent Lewis – Chair, Director of Finance and I.T., Dept. of Human Resources
Dale Riley - Chief Information Officer, City Attorney
Thomas DiSanto - Chief Administrative Officer, Planning Department
Linda Yeung - Deputy City Administrator, City Administrator's Office
Tajel Shah - Director, Budget & Operations, Treasurer-Tax Collector
Jeana Pieralde - Chief Security Officer, Department of Technology
Jaci Fong - Director, Purchasing Department
Michelle Geddes - Program Manager, Department of Emergency Management
Julia Dawson - Budget Manager, San Francisco International Airport
Mary Fitzpatrick - Director of Systems, Controller
Chanda Ikeda – COIT Analyst, Mayor’s Office

1. Call the meeting to order

The meeting was called to order by Chair Brent Lewis at 2:04pm.

2. Roll call:
Brent Lewis
Dale Riley
Thomas DiSanto
Linda Yeung
Tajel Shah
Patrick Rice (for Jaci Fong)
Julia Dawson
Mary Fitzpatrick
Chanda Ikeda

Michelle Geddes
Jaci Fong

Mayor’s Office
Lily Liang

Scott Schwaitzberg
Susan Giffin
Leo Solomon
Maureen Gannon
Gary Price

3. Approval of minutes

The minutes of May 9, 2013 were approved.

4. Discussion: Update on On-going Project — High-Tech Mobile Devices for Officers (Police)

Ms. Susan Giffin briefed the Subcommittee on the Police Department’s High-Tech Mobile Devices project, which she expects will be completed by the end of this year.

Ms. Giffin provided an overview of the devices’ features and measures being undertaken to ensure security. She also discussed the department’s broader goals and strategy, which will include upgrading laptops and modems in police vehicles to complement the use of mobile devices and real-time crime data.

Ms. Giffin stated that 1602 devices will be deployed in upcoming months, with 82 deployed thus far. She cited carrier fees as on-going costs of $50/month per device but added that the devices were donated, thereby significantly reducing upfront costs.

There was general discussion regarding how Ms. Giffin’s department intends to fund this project beyond what has been allocated from the General Fund ($500,000 in FY2013-14 and $500,000 in FY2014-15).

The Subcommittee asked Ms. Giffin to return later in the year to provide another update and she agreed.

5. Discussion: Update on On-going Project — Improve Network Speed at All Police Stations (Police)

Ms. Giffin stated that network speed and reliability have been greatly improved at every district station and that the project has therefore been completed.

6. Discussion & Action: Implementation of Quarterly Reporting Processes

There was general discussion regarding the frequency and types of information that the Subcommittee might request of departments with on-going and new IT projects.

Ms. Ikeda proposed that the Subcommittee align its processes with those of Capital Planning, which requests all departments with capital projects to report on a quarterly basis. Ms. Ikeda provided members with several examples. To obtain copies of these spreadsheets, go to:

7. Discussion: Calendar Review

Ms. Ikeda informed Subcommittee members that the projects presented earlier in the meeting were the final two on a list of previously approved projects at 0% completion. Looking forward, Ms. Ikeda solicited feedback from members regarding which projects and departments they are most interested in hearing from.

Following some discussion, the Subcommittee proposed that projects be grouped in accordance with distinct characteristics, similarities, and needs (i.e. digitization, document management systems). A revised list from which Subcommittee members could identify and select related projects was suggested for next month’s meeting.

In addition, to further the Subcommittees mission beyond monitoring performance to include providing resources, Mr. Lewis suggested that a future meeting(s) should include the City’s IT hire working group.

8. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

9. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:41pm.
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