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January 15, 2013


Tuesday, January 15, 2013
One South Van Ness, 2nd Floor
10:00 am – 12:00 pm (noon)

Gina Tomlinson, Chair, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Technology
David Counter, Chief Information Officer, Department of Public Health
Daniel Gonzales, IT Manager, Airport
Susan Kearney, Chief Information Officer, Port of San Francisco
Mitch Sutton, IT Manager, Department of Emergency Management
Ephrem Naizghi, Interim Chief Information Officer, Department of Public Works
Art Wong, Technology Program Manager, Metropolitan Transportation Agency
Emma Woo, IT Manager, Public Utilities Commission
Susan Giffin, Chief Information Officer, Police

1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Tomlinson at 10:09 a.m.

2. Roll Call:
Gina Tomlinson
Tedman Eng for Susan Kearney
Alan Tse for Mitch Sutton
Ephrem Naizghi
Almir Guimaraes for David Counter
Art Wong

David Counter
Emma Woo
Susan Giffin
Susan Kearney
Mitch Sutton
Daniel Gonzales

Brian Roberts
Charles Thompson
Jose Mejia

Mayor’s Office
Chanda Ikeda

Derek Lawson – Cornerstone

3. Approval of meeting minutes
The minutes of October 25, 2012 were approved.

4. Discussion/Action: Personal Device Policy (BYOD)
Chair Tomlinson said that she was not present at the last meeting and gave Mr. Brian Roberts the floor for discussion.

Mr. Brian Roberts gave an overview of the main changes that the sub-committee agreed upon at its last meeting. The main changes include the clarification that BYOD is not just limited to personal devices but could also include devices issued by a different organization working with the City, such as UCSF’s relationship.

Chair Tomlinson asked if the members are ready to move this policy forward to COIT for review and approval. The members presented some minor edits/changes and Mr. Roberts will submit the revision of the draft policy immediately to the members.

5. Discussion: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Plan Update

Ms. Ikeda said that she has been tasked to update the ICT plan and wants to bring it forward to this committee to get some feedback.

The ICT Plan is 5 years of projections for IT needs and budgeting for major projects. The Administrative Code requires that the plan be updated every two years and needs to go to both the Board of Supervisors and Mayor for approval after COIT.
- Discussed the key dates wherein the ICT Plan goes to the Board of Supervisors for review by March 1, 2013.
- Showed the proposed format and example of ICT plan.
- Discussed the six (6) proposed IT goals, namely:
1) promote technology that is efficient and effective
2) improve public access and transparency
3) strengthen security and disaster preparedness
4) utilize innovation and technology to transform/improve city government
5) support and maintain current IT infrastructure
6) attract, support, develop IT staff

The following are comments and suggestions on the IT goals:
- Ms. Ikeda said that there is a group talking about ways to attract and support IT staff. Some changes might be coming to address issues with the IT hiring process.
- Need to see “change and innovation” on the goals.
- Combine 1 and 4 to reflect “utilize innovation to create efficiencies and increase effectiveness in technology.”
- For #6 – attract and maintain highly skilled IT staff is critical. Mr. Thompson said that the City does not have a career succession or promotion plan for staff.

In the December 2012 COIT meeting, Mr. Jon Walton presented the nine (9) major initiatives. Ms. Ikeda asked the members to give feedback on what should be included in the ICT plan and presented the various criteria for the initiatives. Ms. Ikeda showed both potential general fund and non-general fund projects proposed by departments. Mr. Naizghi suggested focusing on infrastructure, citywide systems applications, department projects that add value to that department.

- Ms. Ikeda showed a sample project description. Mr. Thompson asked how the performance of projects will be captured in the Plan (i.e., status, % completed, amount spent for ongoing projects). Ms. Ikeda said that it will be shown on the “Schedule/Status” line. Mr. Eng said that it does not show a description that ties the project to the goals.
- Ms. Ikeda said that there are several challenges involved with the ICT plan. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, and she will give a status update at the next meeting. Ms. Ikeda asked the members if the Major Service Area (MSA) distinction is appropriate or just leave it out. The members agreed to just leave it out.
- Mr. Jose Mejia of DT commented on the IT Goals #5. In order to support and maintain current IT infrastructure, staff need to be current on their skill sets. Mr. Mejia said that a total of 125 Local 21 members had already been trained as part of the data center consolidation project, which is a citywide initiative. He said that he has all the records of who has received the training.

For detailed presentation the ICT Plan, please refer to:

6. Discussion: Agenda for Next Meeting

Chair Tomlinson will send to the members a list of topics for discussion (i.e., disaster recovery plan, etc.) in the forthcoming meetings and asked for feedback.

Chair Tomlinson mentioned the need to fill two (2) vacant positions for this subcommittee and asked the members for any recommendations and suggestions.

7. Public Comment

There was no public comment.

8. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
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