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January 6, 2010





January 6, 2010 - 2:00 p.m.

One South Van Ness

DT, Room 2215


Brent Lewis – Chair, Finance and Budget Director, DHR

Mary Fitzpatrick, Director of systems, Controller's Office

Bill Jones, Assistant Director of Purchasing, OCA

John Payne, CIO, San Francisco Airport

Bob Kuzma, Captain, Fire Department

Emma Woo, IT Manager, Public Utilities Commision

Taras Madison, Department of Children, Youth and Families

Julian Low, Director of Operations, Mayor's Office

William Lee, Deputy Director of Finance and Administration, DEM

Jon Walton, COIT Director


Chairperson Brent Lewis called the meeting to order at 2:10 p.m.


Members Present:

Brent Lewis

Jaci Fong (for Bill Jones)

Emma Woo

John Payne

Jon Walton

Taras Madison

Members Absent:

Mary Fitzpatrick

Bill Jones

Bob Kuzma

William Lee

DT Staff

Brian Roberts


Jay Nath, DT

Richard Isen, DT

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

The minutes of December 2, 2009 meeting approved.

4. Discussion/Action: Open SF- Proposed Requirements to Evaluate Software Alternatives, including Open Source

Chair Brent Lewis stated Jay Nath is attending this meeting to answer additional questions from Subcommittee members regarding the proposed COIT Software Evaluation Policy distributed at the last meeting. The Subcommittee discussed and made recommendations for changes in some of the wordings in the policy. The Subcommittee also discussed the implementation costs including the impact on staff without the skill set and training costs. Brian Roberts stated training would encourage people to use Open Source. Chair Lewis stated departments would still need to go through procurement process in obtaining software. The Subcommittee discussed the procedures of the procurement process. The COIT committee will review policy after it is approve by Resource Subcommittee. Brian Roberts and Jay Nath will review additional changes and send final version of policy to Subcommittee members. The Subcommittee will also review the Total Cost of Ownership TCO Worksheet distributed to Subcommittee and submit comments to Brian Roberts.

Jay North discussed the Software Evaluation Methodology, stated is a two step process, and must follow in the departments' evaluation to obtain software. The Subcommittee discussed recommendations to COIT Software Evaluation Methodology. Jay North will make suggested revisions and resubmit to Subcommittee.

5. Discussion: Budget Analyst Report on IT Procurement

Chair Lewis stated Subcommittee should review report and make recommendations to streamline the procurement process. John Payne requested and update on staffing for Enterprise Agreement. Brian Roberts stated department is moving forward although staffing not completed. Mr. Roberts stated would invite Kendall Gary, Director of Procurement Technology to next Subcommittee meeting to report on this item. Chair Lewis stated he would check status of hiring and send out email to Subcommittee. Brian will also check Christine Martin and Kendall Gary regarding staffing and will report to Subcommittee.

6. Discussion: COIT Equipment Report

Brian Roberts presented to Subcommittee the COIT Technology Equipment Study Report. Chair Lewis stated Subcommittee should review audit recommendations to provide feedback to COIT committee. COIT would approve and report recommendations submitted to Office of Contract Administration (OCA).

Chair Lewis stated Brian review past documentations and minutes and will get copies and distribute to Subcommittee. Mr. Roberts stated data is two years old but still relevant and was initially a study of PCs and laptops. The study of the servers added later. The Subcommittee should review report in detail to establish if this is the jurisdiction of the Architecture or Resources Subcommittee. Brian Roberts discussed recommendations in report and outlined the changes and status of report.

7. Discussion of COIT Director's Report

Brian Roberts stated Subcommittee should make recommendations regarding replacement cycles of equipment. Jon Walton wants subcommittee to focus on the recommendation study. Brian Roberts will draft changes for the executive summary and recommendations and submit to Subcommittee for review.

8. Public Comment

No public comment

9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned 3:55 p.m.

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