Committee on Information Technology

Seal of the City and County of San Francisco

COIT is composed of five (5) permanent members consisting of the Mayor, the President of the Board of Supervisors, the Controller, the City Administrator, and the City CIO, or their designees. There are eight (8) additional rotating seats held by department heads that represent each of the major service areas. The five permanent and eight rotating seats are voting members of COIT. Additionally, the Administrative Code provides for the inclusion of two (2) public members.

COIT has one (1) subcommittee. Staffed by technical, financial, and administrative representatives of City departments, the Budget and Performance Subcommittee supports the planning, budgeting, and performance oversight functions of the central Committee.

The current make-up of the Committee is as follows:

  • Naomi Kelly - Chair
    City Administrator
  • London Breed
    President, Board of Supervisors
  • Melissa Whitehouse
    Mayor's Budget Director
  • Ben Rosenfield
    Controller, Controllers Office
  • Linda Gerull
    City CIO/ Director, Department of Technology
  • Micki Callahan
    Director, Department of Human Resources
  • Barbara Garcia
    Director, Department of Public Health
  • Trent Rhorer
    Director, Human Services Agency
  • Anne Kronenberg
    Director, Department of Emergency Management
  • Michael Lambert
    Acting City Librarian, Public Library
  • Edward D. Reiskin
    Director, Municipal Transportation Agency
  • Harlan L. Kelly, Jr.
    Director, Public Utilities Commission
  • Ivar Satero
    Director, San Francisco International Airport
  • Charles Belle
    Public Member
  • Alex Polvi
    Public Member

Role and Responsibilities
The governing body of the Committee on Information Technology (COIT) is responsible for:

  • Advising the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on technology matters,
  • Setting overall technology direction for the City and departments,
  • Making policy decisions,
  • Establishing long range plans,
  • Monitoring compliance with financial and legal requirements,
  • Insuring the goals and programs of the COIT remain faithful to its mission,
  • Insuring that adequate financial resources are secured to carry out the work of the City, and
  • Enhancing the public image of the City.

Agendas & Minutes