COIT Virtual First Server Procurement Policy

COIT is committed to more efficient use of City information technology (IT) capital assets and increasing City IT capabilities, and improving stability, flexibility and scalability of Enterprise Systems.
Virtualization offers more efficient asset utilization, energy savings, improved provisioning, monitoring and disaster recovery capabilities, and requires a smaller data center footprint.

Under this Virtual First policy, IT managers will be required to explore virtualization options prior to submitting requests for new or replacement servers.
This policy is meant to encourage departments that have not adopted a virtualization strategy to do so and to encourage departments that have begun to virtualize servers to continue to expand this effort.
Virtualization software has been used for some time and is a successful platform that has already delivered significant benefits to IT administrators and their customers. However, some software vendors discourage virtualization of their systems. This policy is to encourage the software vendor community to fully embrace virtualization.
To support the City’s goal of more efficient IT, COIT has endorsed a server consolidation and virtualization strategy.

City departments shall pursue virtualization in planning for new servers and replacing existing servers where practical.
As part of the annual COIT budget review process, Departments shall submit to COIT a server virtualization report that outlines the current extent of virtualization in their IT operations and a plan on how the department might continue to achieve a higher level of virtualization. This plan will be used by the CIO during the procurement review process to ensure that departments’ proposed purchases of storage and server equipment are consistent with their virtualization plan. Departments that need assistance in creating a virtualization plan may request such assistance from COIT.
When issuing requests for information, proposals, quotes or any other solicitation for technology solutions that include a server or storage, departments and the Office of Contract Administration shall require potential vendors to state whether their applications and systems are certified and/or supported in a virtualized environment.
Exceptions to this standard can be granted by COIT upon request by department.

Recommended by Architecture Subcommittee:   November 10, 2010
Approved as Amended by COIT: December 16, 2010
Effective Date: December 16, 2010