COIT Charter

City & County of San Francisco
Committee on Information Technology


Preamble: This charter formally establishes meeting rules and objectives for the Committee on Information Technology (COIT). This committee is formed under the belief that the Information Technology (IT) community should work collaboratively to develop, recommend, and implement citywide strategies, policies and standards.
I. Name: The name of this committee is the Committee on Information Technology (COIT).
II. Authority: COIT is formed under the authority of the City Ordinance, Section 22A.1.
III. Purpose: The purpose of COIT is to provide guidance and oversight to all City departments and agencies in the procurement, implementation and operation of technology to ensure a consistent high level of service to customers.
Objectives of the COIT include the following:
1. Approve an annual citywide technology budget that supports the strategic business goals of the City.
2. Ensure that department and citywide technology projects are supported by sound financial analyses and support the City business objectives.
3. Ensure that citywide standards, policies, and procedures are developed, implemented, and maintained for all City departments.
4. Ensure that technology project management methods, forms, and reporting are developed, implemented, and maintained.
5. Ensure that the most appropriate use and allocation of technology resources are used including labor, hard/software, and services contracts.
The following are examples of the types of decisions that will be made by the Committee. This list is meant to provide a framework and is not an exhaustive list.

  • Technology Planning. Decisions about how technology should be used to support the short term and long term business needs for the City and what steps the City should take in the short (annual) and long term (5 years).
  • Technology Investments and Prioritization. Decisions about how much and where to invest in technology including project approvals and justification techniques and the appropriate allocation of funds between operating costs, capital investments, and new project costs.
  • Technology Architecture and Standards. Decisions about the integrated set of technical options that satisfy common shared business needs. Technology standards that should be followed for all procurements and projects with a process defined that allows for exceptions to standards based on a strong business case approved by COIT.
  • Technology Infrastructure and Management. Decisions about the strategies for the base foundation of technology infrastructure and services and the associated allocation of responsibility between Department of Telecommunications and Information Services and city departments.
  • Business Application needs. Decisions about business applications to solve a business problem, whether it should be built in-house or purchased, and a goal to leverage applications across departments to maximize investments.
  • City process improvement. Decisions about the various business processes of the city can be improved through the use of technology.
  • External Relationships. Decisions about formal and informal relationships with key suppliers, customers, and alliance partners.
IV. Membership: COIT membership terms are one year in length, beginning in January of each year. A member may continue to serve consecutive terms upon approval of the Chair. Appointment to completion an unexpired term of a resigning of a member shall be at the discretion of the COIT Chair. If a member cannot attend a regularly scheduled COIT meeting they are required to provide an alternate to attend and make decisions on their behalf. The citywide CIO shall be the chairperson of COIT.