Architecture and Standards Sub-Committee

The Architecture Subcommittee of the COIT is responsible for advising the Committee on all issues relating to the City's technology architecture.

List of Members
Areas of Responsibilities
Agendas & Minutes
Architecture Charter

List of Members:

  • Matt Reeves - Chair
    Acting Chief Technology Officer
  • David Counter
    CIO, Department of Public Health
  • Susan Kearney
    CIO, Port of San Francisco
  • Mitch Sutton
    IT Manager, Department of Emergency Management
  • Ephrem Naizghi
    MIS Director, Department of Public Works
  • Brian Smith
    IT Manager, Planning Department
  • Daniel Gonzales
    IT Director of Technical Services, San Francisco International Airport
  • Art Wong
    Technology Program Manager, Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA)
  • Susan Giffin
    Chief Information Officer, Police Department
  • Chanda Ikeda
    COIT Analyst, Mayor's Office

Areas of Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the City has a technology architecture plan that identifies the major tiers of technology required to support the City.
  • Ensure that enterprise standards are developed, implemented and maintained


  • Develop an enterprise architecture
  • Manage the review of candidate projects and assess project alignment with the enterprise architecture.
  • Assesses each proposed investment for compliance with the architecture.
  • Report conclusions and provides recommendations to the COIT.
  • Determine and document the results and the accompanying rationale for actions.
  • Approve a waiver only if the impacts of the lack of alignment are understood and acceptable.