About COIT

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The Committee on Information Technology (COIT) is San Francisco’s technology governance and policy making body. COIT’s structure is intended to provide a forum for City leadership to coordinate and collaborate. Through regular public meetings, COIT is also a vehicle to share with residents and the public the state of technology in the City.

COIT’s main responsibilities include:

  • Five-Year Strategic Plan: On a bi-annual basis, COIT is required to develop a five-year strategic plan describing the future of the City’s technology. The plan is a financial and strategic document guiding the City’s technology direction.
  • Financial Investments: COIT is responsible for recommending a portion of the General Fund towards technology projects every year. As required by the City’s Administrative code, all new technology projects above $100,000 must be reviewed and approved by COIT. Through the annual budget process, COIT allocates funding towards projects that support the overall vision and goals of the Mayor and the City. ·       
  • Performance: COIT manages the City’s technology portfolio by tracking project performance. By tracking each project’s budget, schedule, scope, and key performance indicators, COIT acts as a central repository of knowledge on City technology.
  • Policy Development: COIT develops formal policy to guide the adoption and use of technologies. Governing policies are used to support strategic goals like cybersecurity and disaster preparedness, and also to achieve greater aspirational goals like environmental sustainability.
  • Over the next three years, COIT will be focused on building its Performance & Policy units. COIT’s role to help make City technology more transparent, accountable, and part of the City’s governance structure. In particular, we are taking an increased focus how new technology is adopted and integrated into City operations, and analyzing their overall impact. Each time the City invests in a technology, we should have a better understanding of the value delivered and how exactly we are improving as a City.

Committee Structure:
Committee on Information Technology
Budget and Performance Sub-Committee

San Francisco is the Innovation Capital of the World. The manner in which City government plans and invests in information and communication technologies must meet the rapid pace of technological change as well as embody the same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the City as a whole. Information technology is also a connective tissue between the City’s operations as an enterprise and its residents. It enables the City to improve existing government services, create entirely new services, and increase opportunities for engagement. In order for the City to meet the needs of San Franciscans and remain responsive to changes in technology, society, and its operating environment, COIT's vision is one of Innovation, Sustainability and Resilience.


  • Support, Maintain, and Secure Critical Infrastructure
  • Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of City Operations
  • Increase Access and Transparency to Local Government